Our Leadership Team


Matt & Rachel McMillan

Student Pastor

I(Matt) am passionate about making disciples of Christ who are equipped to make disciples. I graduated from Ouachita Baptist University with a Bachelors in Christian Studies in 2012, and graduated from SEBTS with a Masters of Divinity in 2016. I love sports, anything outdoors, and working out. I lead the 7-8th Grade Boy’s Thrive Group and could not be more grateful to be watching awesome young men grow in the Lord. I am married to the beautiful Rachel McMillan. Rachel is passionate about leading worship as she serves in the FiveStone Church Worship Band alongside our Worship Pastor Noah Mitchell. She is the best wife, ridiculously talented worship leader, devout teacher, and most of all she loves God much.


Ryan & Lauren Bullock

Student Ministry Leaders

Ryan and Lauren are the perfect complement to each other! They both love the outdoors, love working with students, and love God. Ryan is a humble man who is great with authentic friendships. His honesty and openness creates the perfect environment for discipleship. Lauren is energetic, caring, and becomes the life of the party real quick! Lauren has a heart for the unloved and hurting. They are preparing to foster children and help parents get back on their feet. They both add to FSM in a way that cannot be replaced! If you want your teenagers to grow in their walk with Christ, come check out the 12th Grade Girl’s or Boy’s Thrive Group.


Justin Trewitt

Student Ministry Leader

Also know as J-True, this guy loves the Lord and genuinely desires to see young men find a real relationship with Christ. The thing that impresses me the most with Justin is his patience, something that is HIGHLY required of anyone working with teenage boys! Justin graduated from Prestonwood Christian Academy and Ouachita Baptist University! If you want your son to be cared for, and find out how to live out Christ’s plan for their lives in High School, then come check out the 9-10th Grade Guys Thrive Group.


Alina Luna

Student Ministry Leader

Alina makes everyone laugh 24/7. Everyone wants to be around her because she will make you cry in laughter one second and then feel comfort from pain the next. One thing I have grown to respect about Alina is her consistent love for everyone. She has been a true All-Purpose leader and I know she is simply a phone call away from helping these students become disciples of Christ. If you want your daughter to feel genuinely loved and beautiful as God’s creation, then come check out the 11th Grade girl’s Thrive Group.


Emma Patterson

Student Ministry Leader

Emma has worked in Student Ministry for years and is a full-time middle school teacher! She is great with Junior High Students, but is also wise beyond her years to the point where she is able to grow young girls into the young women God desires them to be. Emma graduated from Berkner and Ouachita Baptist University. If you want your daughter to learn from a great teacher and wise disciple of Christ, then come check out the 7-8th grade girl’s Thrive Group.


Kayla Bond

Student Ministry Leader

Kayla is built for discipleship. She is passionate about the Lord and has the patience and relationally abilities to work with Junior High Girls. Kayla has most impressed me with her heart of service. Kayla just wants to help people. If you want your daughter to learn how to serve, and love people for who they are, then come check out the 7-8th grade Thrive Group.


Claire Moore

Student Ministry Leader

Claire has the best spoken word you have ever heard. She has simply one of the most powerful testimonies I have ever heard and is living proof that God can conquer even our greatest struggles! Claire is so

good with the 11th grade girls because she genuinely cares for them and knows enough to answer all their tough questions! If you want your daughter to learn from someone who has fought for Christ in her life and become a true disciple of Christ, then come check out the 11th Grade girl’s Thrive Group.


Jo Osteen

Student Ministry Intern

Will Jackson

Student Ministry Intern